Microsoft wants HD DVD for its support to copy movies to HD

I just posted the article Microsoft wants HD DVD for its support to copy movies to HD.

 Last week, both Microsoft and Intel made a  quick switch over to HD DVD, including an unusual reason that Blu-ray's 50GB  version was nowhere in sight.  On the other hand Microsoft's and...
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HD-DVD may be smaller when compared to the 50GB Blueray dual layer disc myth, but Intel and MS are right, its not a dream HD-DVD has working 30GB discs right now. So I can see that these two companies are more about sustenance than theory. I’m guessing that HD-DVD will have a dual-layer burnable disc long before Blueray. I’ll take 30GB in 2006 over 50GB in 2008. In 2008 I’ll need a new burner and then I might make the blueray jump assuming that blueray gets a dual layer disc.
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'Interested in is its managed copy feature. This feature allows one to copy their HD DVD movies to their PC’s hard drive, such that they can be streamed to compatible equipment throughout the home." I found this paragraph sort of a main issue. I would take the word Managed as meaning Controlled. I would take the word Compatible as meaning Play with my football or im going to take it home. Why does Microsoft even care? It’s not like Hollywood or anybody else is going knock them off their pedestal any time soon. They stand to make billions staying out of it. The world is just not going to run out and buy equipment or software that dictates or controls (sorry I meant Manage) their lifes.

speaking of samsung, samsung electronics has a fairly friendly relationship with sony, so it is natural to support bd; however, there is a spin off company with toshiba called tsst; so whether samsung likes hd dvd or not, it will have to support it. so dual format drive will be there i really wish that dvd will be alive for next serveral years with dl media replaces all sl media + open source dvd players(stand alone) that are firmware upgradable to player most popular codecs

to first poster: Just wondering where your getting your information from.