Microsoft vows legal action against WMA hacker

I just posted the article Microsoft vows legal action against WMA hacker.

Tom used our newssubmit to tell us that Microsoft will take legal actions against the hackers that bypassed the WMA protection as we reported earlier.

Microsoft calls the hack no big shock,…

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hahahahaha…thats all i can do is laugh…when will they learn

they are just like old people… they don’t learn it…:8

Sounds like a dog chasing its’ own tail…unbelieveable - hello music industry: give us high quality dvd audio 24 bit 192khz stereo & 24/96 6 channel with video & well shell out the $20 - it would be worth it…obviously the only protection that will ever be valid is an ever changing & morph-maturning protection…

Geez… Microsoft is so stupid. They probably will never find this guy who did it. And all these new protections they said they are going to add now will probably be cracked also. The only reason it wasn’t cracked sooner is cause almost noone uses that crappy WMA technology.

Just what did ms expect. A walk in the garden with pretty flowers and no weeds. I see ms indicates that it has built in this prg safeguards, I would bet against those safeguards. I keep seeing history repeating itself here. Copy protection scheme devised and then cracked. Is this a new concept for ms or other companie(s). Every protection scheme at least for audio has gone down the crapper and some of their arrogrance has been taken down a notch or two.

If they bother to take legal action against him they will give the breech more publicity and make him a matyr.