Microsoft voices displeasure on Samsung’s disabling of Windows Updates



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Microsoft has voiced its displeasure on Samsung’s disabling of Windows Update which causes users to no longer receive security patches automatically.

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I think Samsung is on the right path I hope the public can get hold of it so when MS forces updates in windows 10 we have a way to delay them lets face it MS doen’t have a great track record for windows updates.

This will affect the home version of windows 10 in the pro version you can delay them and enterprise they have the option to not install period untill the admins of businesses are ready to deploy them.


i read somewhere that with Windows 10, it is going to be compulsory to install all windows updates. i then read that the updates included a means for your machine to be spied on and not just by Microsoft! while scanning your machine, it would then tell you whether the software installed was genuine and if not, it would be disabled. it would do the same if you tried to install any software that hadn’t been vetted by Microsoft as well. so you had no control over what software was installed, genuine or not. that basically makes the machine Microsofts for ever even though you had bought and paid for it and couldn’t do anything other than what it allowed you to do.

now, i dont know if the things mentioned above are going to turn out to be correct or not but if they are correct, Microsoft can shove it’s windows 10 where the sun dont shine!

further to that, you can thank all these ridiculous things coming into being because of the equally ridiculous rulings made in the USA by judges who must surely have been ‘persuaded’ by the various entertainment industries and/or lobbyists to rule that you still dont own something even after paying out hard earned cash for them. the rulings basically then said you were only ‘renting’ them. as those industries got away with this stupidity, others are jumping on the band wagon.

it will be interesting to see, when the time comes, what the real state of play turns out to be!


I have one of those Samsung 'phones & it was a BIG part of the selling points to me.
I want the choice! Mainly because I do not need all the junk that comes with Microsoft updates cluttering up my nice new, streamline, user friendly & very good looking mobile phone. I don’t think Samsung is working against Microsoft at all, in fact, it’s a smart move that benefits Microsoft by giving us the choice instead of imposing the standard attitude of “No personal preferences allowed because we know better” which Microsoft is decaying into. Just my opinion. Thank you.