Microsoft: Vista was made annoying to increase security awareness

Microsoft: Vista was made annoying to increase security awareness.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Could Windows Vista actually have been a brilliant attempt at paving a better road for Windows 7? A recent statement from a Microsoft employee indicates that could be the case.

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If it was intentional, I think it was a brilliant idea. Intentional or not, it does seem to have increased security. The company I work for has started writing software that no longer needs to run as administrator.


Frankly with all the whining about Vista I really don’t have an issue with it… other than that EVERY DAMNED APPLICATION I access needs to ask permission to operate…

I ran Win7-Pro for about a month on one of my notebooks and really didn’t see any significant difference
between Win7-Pro and Vista-Buisness(which I reverted to)

Would it be a brilliant strategy for them to have done so? Yep, certainly…

Which is why I don’t think it was intentional, I don’t believe they were that smart.

I have long followed the dictim that when malice and/or conspiracy are possible incompetence and/or stupidity are much more likely.


I wouldn’t call it “brilliant”. The reason applications were written that way was because historically, Windows had no restrictions whatsoever where files could be installed and no real enforcement of user permissions (a DOS mentality). Every developer installed files where they felt like it and all users ran with full permissions so it didn’t matter. A lot of applications (especially games) stored user data files in their application directory. UAC was just an attempt to correct 20 years of bad OS design.

Unix systems have a rather strict permissions and file hierarchy standard. Applications that don’t follow it just don’t work.

wish they followed unix more and allowed for a /home partition.