Microsoft: Vista Follow-up Likely in 2009

Microsoft: Vista Follow-up Likely in 2009

A 2009 OS seems a little ambitious given M$ delays. Nonetheless, if the next OS does come out that fast I may not get Vista after all. My primary PC is less then 1-year old and runs great with XP…so I might just skip Vista.

Paradigm is a word used by snubs Managers /end snubs to describe something they don’t understand :stuck_out_tongue:

That said … before XP, and all the … security features read bugs they had a 2.5yr turn around on Os’s :stuck_out_tongue:

XP, and now Vista are so bloated, that it’s a mammoth task to improve on it.
Probably takes several months for new programmers to get upto speed on the existing code, before they can contribute :stuck_out_tongue:
And they’d have programmers leaving … ouch!

I think 5yrs to improve on vista may be well short of the marks.

New OS’s may likely just be updates to the interface, rather than any serious overhauls of the underlying system :wink: