Microsoft uses KaZaA to promote Windows Media 9 format

I just posted the article Microsoft uses KaZaA to promote Windows Media 9 format.

Seattletimes reports that Microsoft has noticed the popularity of the filesharing network KaZaA and has used the network to spread movies of the company in the Windows Media 9 format to promote it…

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So it updates to media player 9 without approval huh.Would it be ok for me to change or update software on youre computers without approval.Microsoft you are lower than a snake in the grass.You just think you rule the industry youre gonna find out people still have the control the only thing is youre going to learn ther hard way.People are only going to put up with so much and the end is near.People better be smart and not use media player as there is alot better choices like winamp who doesnt try to control what we can and cannot do and i dont even have to mention microsoft spyware.

Finally the answer to on-line theft, flog the systems down with so many commercials! Microsoft even beat the RIAA to the punch. Seriously, I think it’s a good way to give p2p some clout. If there’s a way to make money, it might give it some staying power. Free advertising for companies might seem like an inconvience… but if it’s using the same systems you all are getting your music and movies for free on… where’s the wrong? And to top it off, you don’t have to download the files. Perhaps they could work out a mandatory commercial download. That way they’d be getting their advertising thrust down your throats for free, and you’d get your music for free and perhaps both costs would off set.


Here’s what I don’t get. Hackers, and programmers, and researchers made the Internet. Not companies. It was put together by people that wanted it to remain free. Then all these companies come in and start making money off it. And now they tell everyone else how they should use the Internet and what they should, and shouldn’t do with it. If MS and big corporate America wants to control the Internet, I think they should go get there own and leave this one alone.

chsbiking - Nice point ! :4

oh so it upgrades to WMP 9 huh? They still don’t get it do they. They are gonna end up in court again because of that… Well I don’t care for any of this anyhow, just my opinion. WinMx and WMP 6.4 makes me happy! :4

well technically the government made the internet as a way to secretly communicate with others… :wink: then they realized its potential and it became more widespread with corporations sharing data and such with one of another… but yes chsbiking - good point - hackers and programmes have made the internet what it is today and corporations are trying to regain control/complete control of it and it’s BS… :frowning: this is just another way for microsoft to get into our computer and change things without our permission and its a violation of our computing rights… bastards… go smoke a pole microsoft :8

We would of had an Open Source alternative to Windows a long time ago. But even at the hardware level they lock us in. Everything comes with a Win modem, nothing will work without Windows drivers. If companies would just put out video, and sound cards with some standards and we refused to buy these damn Winmodems, Linux and anyone else that wanted to make an Open Source operating system would have a greater chance. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with this Media Player crap.

dats why i never let WMP online with zonealarm