Microsoft unveils Office 2013 - Windows 7 and 8 only



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Microsoft has just released a preview version of Office 15 (or Office 2013). With this new version of Office, Microsoft is moving to the cloud. The software can be installed on multiple devices and documents always go with you as they are stored in the cloud by default. Here is our quick look…

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This is by far the worst office i have ever seen, who really cares if it only works on 7 and 8 or if you need a windows ID?

There is something wrong with M$


Yeah, there is something wrong with Microsoft, they have all our money, and they should give it back. LOL.


Metro plus cloud sound so prohibiting. Office 2013 is also meant for iPad and Windows 8 RT platforms so does that mean the iPad Office and RT Office are going to be quite cloudy or clouded as well? I can’t remember how much I paid for Office 2010. I’m glad I don’t have to pay for the full US$2,000 + Adobe package yet.


I’ve been using Google Docs more since it runs in a web browser and I have that open already. It handles most of the documents I encounter.

Most people don’t know how to use a modern word processor correctly anyways and just use whitespace formatting. They could use Notepad if it had a spelling checker.


Honestly, how much further can they take word processing and spreadsheets? I think Office peaked at Office 2003, but maybe that’s just my opinion.