Microsoft unveils its Janus rental based anti-piracy tools

I just posted the article Microsoft unveils its Janus rental based anti-piracy tools.

 Microsoft is unveiling its  new Janus based DRM software which they  announced work on  about a month ago.  The new copy protection tools allows 'rented'  content to be played on Janus...
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I think Microsoft needs a subscription service for brains. But maybe that’s too much to ask for. :frowning: :r

Methinks we are becoming a disposable society. :c

Only one word comes to mind…Microsh*t

Man, this sucks. Are Americans legally allowed to OWN anything anymore. I mean with Intellectual Property, Patents, Copyrights, DRM, DMCA, Levies, Subcription fees, Upgrades, Updates Licenses, City Ordinace Codes, Bottled Tap Water, etc. Ha! In twenty years you will all RENT the air you breath in your apartment. Why do you think big oil/car companies want to pollute so much? So when all the gas runs out they can RENT the clean air they’ve been stockpiling over the years. Micro$h*t is just folowing the trend. Don’t blame them.
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How far will this go? If you “buy” a music CD or video DVD, will you not be able to play it unless you subscribe to some service? Big Brother is watching you!:o This will suck big time when books go all digital, as in order to keep it from disappearing, you’ll have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Good bye home libraries. SupremeCheddar, Americans have not been able to “own” the property we live on for quite some time now. We only “rent” it from the State, try not paying property taxes and the State can “evict” you.:frowning:
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This DRM and copy protection controll can go 2 ways, free for all or ruined for all… This Microsoft thing is getting out of hand here. What about Linux?

While Linux may look like a DRM free alternative to Windows, Microsoft appears to be making its Windows Media technologies as wide spread as possible so users must stick with the Microsoft OS to playback or ‘rent’ future content. :r Otherwise it would mean giving up future releases of music, video and Windows based games just to change your OS! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all in the hands of you the consumers–you don’t buy it, they won’t sell it. I just hope most consumers are smart enough not to buy in… No company can stay in business when their products are rejected.

Yes. I too.

At the dawn of time when man first discovered fire , he had to stick his hand in, to get burned, to be conceptually aware of what it could do…nothing has changed, the big corporations are the fire and the grunion consumer is our gronk ancestor, still sticking their hands in, still getting burnt but becoming aware…Many would be amazed that many still hold with the belief corporations will look after them…but they are becoming AWARE…frustratingly, just not dammned fast enough…:X

Seanbyrne: it’s a pity that most people don’t use Linux earlier. Having said that, the OpenSource community needs to make their OS a bit more GUI-driven (if they can!). As a computing developer, Linux is just easy as Windows for me. But for those home users or newbies starting out on Linux (Mandrake, Red Hat, Knoppix, Suse, etc) it’s a bit hard to understand KDE or various GUI for Linux. I can only hope that Linux improves soon (Mandrake 10 looks promising) so that we have more choices to choose in computing products either for work or pleasure…

Lord Microsoft! Save me from my “insecure” and “safe” mediums please! I’m a danger to myself. Bring it on! The sooner the better.