Microsoft: U.S. Internet users not good with cyber security



Microsoft: U.S. Internet users not good with cyber security.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group posted the results of an international study into online security this week, and they aren't pretty. Using its specially-designed, 100-point Microsoft Computing Safety Index to rate global computer users, the company found five countries with failing scores.

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I find it a little ironic that MS should bash its users or should I say blame it’s users for the many security flaws in its own browser. They should come out and say that people should use Google Chrome as part of a more secure internet.
I find this whole article to be very self serving to MS also, probably in the next OS they will force install MSE.


I went ahead & followed the links to take the MS survey. I did 67 which said I need to take it up a notch .
Some of the questions I left unchecked because they didn’t apply to my OS or devices.
I think these counted against me on the points. Also I don’t think the survey liked if automatic updates are turned off.
So IMO not a fair or good survey. At least not for me.


I scored 69, I don’t use security software on my mobile device, nor do I educate myself on protecting my online reputation, or use a service to protect it… I don’t feel I need the latter 2, but the software on my mobile device might not be a bad idea.
I question the need for me to use a vpn since I don’t use networking over the internet, how is it going to make me more secure?


Hmmm… the links aren’t valid here so presumably this survey isn’t available to UK customers.



Try this link Wombler :
The one on the club.myce news page didn’t work for me either.


Oh yeah, sure we are…Here’s Proof!!!


[QUOTE=cholla;2609529]Try this link Wombler :
The one on the club.myce news page didn’t work for me either.[/QUOTE]

Thanks cholla.

I scored 69 here but as several people have said I left a lot of blanks as a lot of the things mentioned didn’t apply to my own circumstances.



Scored 81, but some questions are pretty lame and more for consumers.


The headline should really read:

U.S. Internet users: Microsoft not good with cyber security

And that’s the understatement of the century!