Microsoft tries IPTV on for size



I just posted the article Microsoft tries IPTV on for size.

There have been at least a few claims that offering IPTV would have a significant impact on the current Blu-ray and HD-DVD format war, and perhaps might even end it. Curiously, while this…

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Yeah, freakin right the DRM should keep us away. Fine for rentals, but if I buy a movie, I want a physical product I can put into any player in my house and take to a friends to watch etc… The idea of content that I purchase to own only exists on some hard drive that I can’t even back up let alone play on another device is foolish to me. I hate it that all my saved shows on my PVR are locked to the box and will be lost if its drive ever fails. I for one am hoping HD DVD will prevail as the common entertainment format so I can own what I buy.