Microsoft: Too soon to declare console winner



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With many opening 2008 speculating about everything, Microsoft now comes with a refreshing announcement. Microsoft’s Kim says: ‘Too soon to name console battle winner’. With this in the back of our…

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PS3 all the way! Once we have games written to fully take advantage of it’s Cell Processor it will truly be “Game Over”!


Hogwash SciFier ! 360’s unified shader graphics architecture is truly next-gen and superior to PS3, its graphics engine is overall more efficient. Fact !


Screw graphics… Im all about having fun… Im in for the Wii! :B


Supply issues ?? WTF are they thinking? Look at the Euro market !!! flooded with product!!! look at the US market NOT FLOODED on purpose!!! These fu*** refund policies in North America are the reason why Vendors are leaving us!!! Situation is this Europe NO FU**** REFUNDS 90% retailers!!! MEans that vendors do a one way sale to retailers in thus retailers ask for a much cheaper price than the US!! US market - morons abusing refund policies using then returning then going somewhere else then returning THIS IS F**** joke and vendors now realize F U!!! Nintendo cut off all American retailers from ordering and stuck them on a FORCED NAR program ( Nintendo Auto Replen) Simple they did not want the past problems of flooding the market then watching as morons using their product for FREE!!! as Retailers just return the use unit back to Nintendo NAR started in february 2007 Sony SAR ( sony auto replen) started a few months after that and now Microsoft is doing the same thing!!! Warning to North America retailers PUT no refunds to stop idiots from cheating the system before we lose all Vendors to Europe… :g


“Warning to North America retailers PUT no refunds to stop idiots from cheating the system…” Stores with “no refunds” policies hurt a lot more legit customers than stop would-be cheaters. My friend bought an Xbox (original) from Gamestop. 3 weeks later the hard drive died. Gametop said “sorry, our policy is two weeks. Talk to someone who cares (Microsoft).”


360 for me. If the PS3 shows me its better than the 360 then I might get that too. For now 360 all the way!