Microsoft to unveil Windows Media 9 series on Monday



I just posted the article Microsoft to unveil Windows Media 9 series on Monday.

Altough you might think: who cares about Windows Media ? You might want to keep an eye on it. Microsoft is currently working hard on their new multimedia technology called Corona (Windows Media 9)…

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Let’s all give it up to Corona! The worst codec ever to enter the world of video!


It is made by mircosoft, Enough said…


ok i did’nt even realize there was a media play 8. Then again who gives a fuck what micro$oft is doing we have DivX and we are happy so sod off bill.


I like media player. have been using it all the time. esp. media player 6 - pretty fast. media player 8 is slow, takes much time to start. hope that will be fixed in the next version. btw, media player can even play ogg vorbis files - install these filters:


Errr…If Windows Media Player 8 takes to long to start up on your computer you might consider upgrading tour system. On my PC it takes 2 secs. from clicking on the icon to the program is started. What is far more interesting though is that is Windows Media Player 8, Mickesoft introduced digital copy protection. One can disable this protection via a checkbox in the mediaplayers settings. Will one still be able to do that in mediaplayer 9? In a few years time i believe that everythin you create on your PV will be digitally watermarked and that is everything from simple text files over spredsheets to music files. Recently i read an article where mickeysoft was believed to have contacted Intel And AMD in order to get them to build cryptation chips into their CPU’s. With this mickeysoft kan mark every file you create on your PC and prevent the file from being used anywhere else but on the PC where it was created.


Whats Media Player?? I use PowerDVD and WinAmp for my needs.