Microsoft to support Blu-ray



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Microsoft will soon be releasing the Windows Feature Package for Storage 1.0, loaded with a built in component that allows Windows users to perform master style burning on Blu-ray media.This new…

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“Microsoft to support Blu-ray”

This should be the final nail in the coffin…


“Active Storage Platform, which can restrict access to portable storage devices”

Niiiiice. M$ and $ony both stink.


It’s long overdue and about time. But this does not necessarily means XBOX will support Blu-ray. ;p Or will they?


Well this is funny make a bad comment towards Microsoft now that it is leaning towards Blu-Ray use on PC’s now. I remember when the whole HD war was in full force and a lot of users and guest said HD is better and without all that region restrictions and DRM crap. But now since MS is going to put an update out for users to user their Blu-Ray Drives on their PC’s they are evil all the sudden when the reason MS is doing this is so users don’t need to fork out money to a third party application just to utilize their drive(s). I think this is a bold and great move that MS is doing this.


Wow, I actually like Microsoft today…what a pleasant change :stuck_out_tongue:


sad… restricting access to these devices is a security feature to prevent anyone from accessing your device without your permission.

WTF are you talking about ?

This feature is great. We should not need 3rd party apps. In this day and age a BR-E disc should behave like a hard drive and not require anything special to write to it. Copy, and paste.
On this site, I don’t think I need to point out that 50 GB optical storage is very welcome !


I submitted this article. I found it surprising that they are supporting XP which is supposedly obsolete.


Thanks RTV71, I’ve added a shout out for you. Sorry I didn’t notice your submission when I wrote up the article.


@ RTV71, Yes that too is a big shocker I do know that you need the UDF file system to play BD movies bought and just imagined the same on a copy?


It is UDF 2.5 if I remember correctly. They have already released it when they supported their HD DVD drive Xbox 360 add-on for use on Windows XP. You can still find it on the net. I installed it on my PC and have played UDF 2.5 Bluray Discs burnt to DVD9 discs.



Ohhh you naughty boy!



Shhh!!! Uhh ohh, cats out of the bag now!! :bigsmile: