Microsoft to stop authorising songs bought on MSN Music

I just posted the article Microsoft to stop authorising songs bought on MSN Music.

Just when one thought DRM restrictions on content is bad enough, the requirement to authorise content with the content provider has the potential risk of locking customers out of their content if the…

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And they are wondering why piracy cannot be stopped and people just do not buy anything like music these days… At least I won’t, DRM and such silly ideas are not the things I wanna waste my bucks on… :b:B

I wonder how long it will take for the lawsuits to start rolling in. For a giant company, with virtually unlimited resources, M$ sure is stupid.

HAHHAHAHHAHHHAHHA! I have no pity for anyone that BUYS DRM protected lossy files. What a joke. HAHHAHAHHAHAHH! :B :S Heck the same ISP you use to download “Plays for Sure” hosts the same files for free on their news server! LOOOL
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