Microsoft to slip audio format into DVD chips

I just posted the article Microsoft to slip audio format into DVD chips.

In another attempt to dominate a market, Microsoft has announced that it has made agreements with the largest DVD chip makers to support the Windows Media format.

Including this technology will…

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:4 we are going to end up waking up to microsoft toothbrushes an shower with microsoft shower caps. “OH BOY! a new microsoft fertilizer!” and look! patented microsoft table salt! …just felt like ranting. :d

Were now laughing about it, but I wouldn’t be suprised if Bill is dreaming about it. I also wouldn’t be suprised if we would be running on Microsoft © Air shoes, eating Microsoft ©sausages of breathing Microsoft © Oxygen :wink:

Lol DoM. :4

I tried that sausage once. The Intestinal Explorer that came bundled with it crashed my system…:frowning:

Microsoft Rulez!

But will that include the playing of DiVX files on DVD players?

Well, hopefully it will be stopped in due time. If not, then we will all be Microsofted. (Zombie style) ??? Why didn’t i kick his sorry ass back in the 80’es. Or break his glass or something. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE Quote: Bill Gates 2015