Microsoft to schools: Give us your lunch money!



I just posted the article Microsoft to schools: Give us your lunch money!.

The new bully have arrived at the school yards his name is bill gates…

Lloyd Kowalski violated Microsoft’s copyright without much hesitation. The veteran Philadelphia computer teacher (who asked…

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I guess this is payback for the bullying that Bill Gates must have recieved while at school. Because if he had been at my school I know I would have kicked his ass every day that I bothered to turn up…


That’s why we hate Gates, and love The Doors (“The Doors Of Knowledge are open”… do you remember?) as you see, that’s his idea of helping educative system. Nice job, billy, it could be that some curious teacher discovers more bugs on your soft… at least, if they pay before, that’s not a lost customer


I as a 7th grader feel very hurt and sad that Bill has to steal money from the kids that go to the financially-tight schools… This will definately hinder their education and futures. :c I guess he doesn’t want someone to get smart enough to kill his monopoly…