Microsoft to replace Xbox 360s incompatible with new firmware

Microsoft to replace Xbox 360s incompatible with new firmware.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A mandatory firmware update that expands the disc capacity capability of Xbox 360 game consoles isn’t compatible with some older consoles, but Microsoft is going to great lengths to make things right for those customers.

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kind of interesting. those old dvd drives are also the ones that don’t support the new copy protection technology… lol… hmmmm

$#@#@!! I just bought an effing S because the old one died! again!

Hmm… perhaps having a serial number is more than enough… would like another S…

Need to keep an eye on this post. People pls update any experiences you may. Maybe we can identify the common vector. This way we don’t have to update our firmware needlessly.

[QUOTE=SciFer;2589120]Need to keep an eye on this post. People pls update any experiences you may. Maybe we can identify the common vector. This way we don’t have to update our firmware needlessly.[/QUOTE]
"A mandatory firmware update … " I think this means you don’t get a vote about updating or not updating the firmware. Unless if you never connect to X-Box Live, maybe.

Dammit…I just sent my Xbox into Microsoft because it was still under warranty because all of my games just became unreadable after the update. I assumed it was the disc drive because every once in a while it would have a hard time playing Bioshock and Assassins Creed.

So now when I get my 360 back, it’ll still have an error and I don’t know where that will leave me. D:<

I’ve already got an issue with my 360. The mic doesn’t work on my headset. I can hear, but can’t talk. Would this be part of the upgrade issue?

No, it’s not part of the update, the only thing the update screwed with is the disc drives of older consoles. See if the mic mute switch is orange, if it is, switch it to green. If it’s not that then it’s probably a bad mic, cause my mic still worked fine even after the update when I sent a voice message to a friend.

I figured out my issue. Seems you can quickly tap the power button and toggle the mute. :doh: I found it on 360’s FAQ’s.

I tapped the power button and it’s now working. :iagree:

Thanks for the kindly response.

No problem, just glad you got it working!

Why would they even put that mute toggle option on the power button anyway?

It’s now muted…again!

It’s a pain to tap the power button just right, too. It usually powers down. Very agravating.

Huh, that’s weird, I’ve never had to tap my power button, I just use a standard wired headset on my wireless controller and I just toggle the mute button on the wire. Maybe you should just pick up so wired headsets for your controller to do away with this annoying problem.

They certainly aren’t replacing mine…well not at the moment anyway as they’ve accused me of modding the console. Downloaded the update last night and it’s frozen the console out…can’t even use it as a DVD player. The issue is with Xbox support but it’s likely to take weeks.

Yeah I thought so too, but its right out of the FAQ’s. At this point though if its muted I give it a shot. If it doesn’t work…oh well.:rolleyes:

Just getting my first 360 tomorrow from Amazon… I’m sure it’s the newest one… pros/cons?

Recieved the new firmware yesterday evening on my Xbox 360S. No problems to report, but haven’t tried game discs yet.

I still have the problem and yesterday was on the phone for a couple of hours without a resolution. They said they would call me back. I asked for a complete firmware/software utility package and the girl wasn’t sure if it could be done.

I figure if I flash the dang thing and get everything back to default settings, even though that has been done, I should be back to good…maybe.