Microsoft to release XP ASAP

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Oems has got a green light to sell their PC’s with Windows XP. We will already see Windows XP machines in september, and the Final (GOLD) version of Windows Xp will be finished the 15. August.


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Actually, I’m using the latest beta 2535 and it’s already ready to go…

Yup latest betas are very stable. I didn’t have a crash since using WinXP betas (RC1 and on). Now we can only wait for hardware manufacturers to release high quality drivers for Windows XP.

Okay but where can I find those stable Windows XP versions :4

It SERIUSLY lacks of features. If you guys ever ran linux, you would be more expecting. FUCK Microsoft and fuck XP.

Zyron: Well I agree about that it has less features then Linux, but it’s not that serious. For most people even the amount of features in Pro version is too much. But also linux lacks some thing like more games and apps.

I think it is more like, To many useless/half-ass features that have been done much better by 3rd party companies. The change from 2k to XP is not that significant in terms of stability and in my opinion is not worth the $200 price of the upgrade. THey could have made it a SP, but no they want everyone’s money. I hate M$ but I will do as in rome and install XP RTM when it s out and make the permanent move from 2k. I wont pay for it tho :slight_smile:

That’s why Microsoft got so big, instead of bringing out bugfixes, they give the OS another name and look: money in the pocket. They even manage to let ppl pay 10U$ to test their software.

RC2 was still a piece of shit…well there is gonna be too much uncompatible software I suppose… I still saw some “send bug report” thingies come up:D

Can you play high quality graphic intensive games with Linux? How about DVD to VCD or Divx encoding. Or is it limited.

It depends on what you mean by graphics intensive games. I’ve had Quake III Arena running on a linux box and it worked OK. A bit of a pain (understatement) to set up but its not too shabby once its running. Hell, linux runs some windows programs better then window does, eg: using winVNC on a linux box to connect to the internet through a modem on another computer using IE5. winVNC worked better on the linux machine than on the windows machine :slight_smile:

every1 check out this vid of steve Balmer acting like a retard! LMFAO!! its a link from

No operating system is perfect so quit complaining. Get more computers and run more operating systems and write more code. :7

I will catch flak for this. But I have a buddy who works very hard at MS and they are trying to make this the best product possible. Just my opinion. Bunch of hypocrites, you talk crap about windows, but yet you use windows to run your piece of crap computers (IBM, Compaq, HP, gateway, and other proprietary systems). All this talk about Linux, I really think that most of you are so dumb you couldn’t operate Linux as your primary and only O/S. If you did, you would know that it is not a perfect operating system. You would also know that you can’t play the cool games that are being produced. Before you say 'quake 3" In my opinion it sucks. Yes I have experience with Linux. Now before you get your panties in a knot, I know, I know your all smart and people @ MS are stupid, blah, blah, blah. If this was a true statement then you wouldn’t be wasting your time talking crap about MS, but would try to make your product as successful as MS products. As for Windows being buggy, what other O/S is perfect? I am more then willing to use it if there is such a thing. 1 more thing, MS also makes Office XP; it comes with a really good spell checker, USE IT!!! ID10T

Running rc1 overhere without probs! Gonna transfer my apps next week… if I got time for it! :wink: