Microsoft to release three Xbox 2 versions including a PC hybrid

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                                       With the next generation of competing game consoles coming soon, Microsoft aims to  compete by releasing three versions of its Xbox 2 to suit...
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I have a modified XBox, and while I am sure I could play all the pirated games free, I could not care less about playing a video game. The modified Xbox just happens to the absolute best networked media player at a ridiculously low price there is. I have tried many others but only the modified Xbox plays anything and everything within seconds of power up with no problems at all.

So it looks like we will be getting Xbox 2 around September next year :B Now I just want to hear the offcial specs from Microsoft themselves.

@ VioletHue I assume you meant XBMC by “best networked media payer”. As much as I love XBMC, I have tell that the truth is not as pretty as you describe it. There are still several problems with XBMC. These are just a few: Rewinding or fast forwarding an audio file is total crap. Musepack is not supported. Ogg media named as .avi doesnt work when played from CD/DVD. In any case, it’s just like you put it. It IS the ultimate networked media player considering the PRICE. And it’s constantly evolving.

I’m sure there will not be a drive available that will only burn CD’s like the article describes the Xbox Next PC as doing. I know all drives will be DVD±R/RW at that time, and if all goes well, even HD-DVD or BluRay-DVD will be more common.

I am sure there is a way to upgrade the Xbox 2 Next HD to PC version.

This is not official info is it? M$ has not even finalized the specs and I am not so sure they want to release it next fall. If they do they will have a lead on ps3, but maybe they want to wait until 2006 seeing that the current gen systems are stll doing well. They will need to get many titles out at launch and may have a hard time getting multiplatform games at first due to the system having much more power.

This really smacks of a possible Sega-like catastrophy…