Microsoft to release Longhorns Media Player on XP - Polaris



I just posted the article Microsoft to release Longhorns Media Player on XP - Polaris.

 I try to  keep an eye on Microsofts  activity for their next OS Longhorn, and a good place to get reliable information is  from Paul Thurrott. He's a Windows enthusisast for sure, but he is also...
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Sounds like M$ is frantic about the adoption of DRM and want to ensure that they have a media player that works in conjunction with Intel’s new embedded DRM technology. Then again this might be yet another “carrot & stick” tactic to tide users over until Blowhorn comes out. Of course, the media player will be embedded with the usual spyware for monitoring users playing habits and keeping a log of ripped/burned mp3 files downloaded off the net. I for one will not use any more malware infested Trojanware from M$. They can piss off if they think users are going to put up with more of their bloated shitware anymore.


It just keeps getting better and better. I thought wmp 10 was bad, 10 is just 9 with a fancy skin and advertising for legal music downloads. I have tried 10 and it is slow and laggy. 11 will need at least 3ghz and 1gb of ram!!! i know that winamp is dead now but im very interested in the dev of Quintessential Media Player. O and what ever happen to version numbers with something inbetween where the devolper acually fixed bugs and toke suggestions like 9.1 9.5 all Micro$oft wants to do is make money and it shows:g


Dan The Man, “I must say after reading the hype I am not too impressed. Of course static images cannot do a game justice.” As Yoda once said, you will be, you will be!


Media Player Classic. Sod off, Microsoft.