‘Microsoft to lower prices of Windows 8.1 licenses considerably’



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Even if its free, nobody would choose Win8 over Android.


Why are they doing a bonehead move like that? Those with W8 should get W8.1 for free considering the debacle they created thinking it would take over Android O/S which it has to even budge.


lipstick on a pig


Hi :slight_smile:
Like a lot of things.
Many do not read the full story.
If you have Windows 8.
To “upgrade” to 8.1 is free.
The reduction in licencing (new OS), is due.
In part to MS & the acquisition of Nokia Windows phone division.
The licence fee that MS charge internally is therefore reduced.
This could also affect other phone manufacturers tendency to release some Windows phones.
Windows 8.1 should be available on (certain) phones form April this year.

N.B. This is likely to affect laptops/tablets etc, at some point.

As for who would pick a Windows phone over Android.

I guess that’s just me then…


How low can they go? I paid $15 for mine and got the $20 WMC add on for free…


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2720189]How low can they go? I paid $15 for mine and got the $20 WMC add on for free…[/QUOTE]

Hi :slight_smile:
I got Windows 8 for free.
For both my PC & laptop.
WMC was also free for both.

This was due to a Nokia promotion at the time.
Encouraging folk to buy Nokia Windows 8 phones.

My tablet came with Windows 8 (free upgrade to 81.).

  • Free WMC.
  • Free MS office & AutoRoute 2013.


If I had such a low-end machine, I probably wouldn’t want Windows 8 on it, as 8 spills probably run quite slowly on such a machine.

That said, I don’t think anything would run faster on low-end hardware than a GNU/Linux system. Lubuntu would probably play quite nice on this machine. And Lubuntu, unlike 8, has desktop interface that someone might actually want to use.


Windows 8 runs smooth as silk on hardware that Windows 7 runs sluggish.
The internals of windows 8 is better polished than Windows 7.
It’s just that awful Metro that prevents its adoption.

I recall that people are refusing to install Windows 8 for free, why would manufacturers want it for $15, $50-100 at retail?


Windows 8 runs smooth as silk on hardware that Windows 7 runs sluggish.

Exactly why it’s on my Atom-Ion Acer Revo. Let’s me (barely) use it for a WMC computer, a task that stuttered and froze and lagged a lot in Win7.