Microsoft to lay off 14% of its employees



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In other news, after graduating High School, I spend two or three years looking for any stable job I could find. During that time, I could only find 3 temporary jobs, the longest of which lasted my 3 weeks. I’m always hoping to see the job market improving. I guess that’ just wishful thinking at this point.


Tech still has plenty of bubble in the portable device (tablet) & cellphone market. Microsoft won’t do great here… so they are hedging on taking a loss. Don’t look for a job at Microsoft.


When two companies merge, layoffs are almost a given these days. It’s a shame and I feel for those people and the families they help support, but welcome to the new millennium where keeping the shareholder happy is of ultimate importance. This wasn’t always the case…

“When the stock market crashed in 1929, Milton S. Hershey refused to let the dark shadow of the Depression fall over his idyllic community (Hershey, Pennsylvania). While other companies fired employees and cut back their operations, Hershey embarked on an ambitious building plan devised solely to keep his workers employed. They constructed a new high school, a sports arena, a community building and a lavish 170-room hotel. Legend has it that during construction of the hotel, Hershey was watching a steam shovel in operation when a foreman proudly commented that it could do the job of 40 workers. Hershey told the foreman to get rid of the shovel and hire 40 workers.”