Microsoft to launch NFC based Apple Pay and Android Pay competitor: Tap to Pay

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft to launch NFC based Apple Pay and Android Pay competitor: Tap to Pay[newsimage][/newsimage]

An internal version of Microsoft’s Wallet app reveals that the Redmond tech giant is planning to compete with Apple Pay and Android Pay with a new feature called Tap to Pay.

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Hmm, never really looked in to this as I do not use the technology, but NFC does not offer protection against aot eavesdropping and can potentially be vulnerable to data modifications. The hacking distance is about 10 meters for active communication which I think will be the case for mobile devices.
In other words, when used for payments, they have to add security to higher level protocols to establish the secure channel.

Anyone happen to know how they do it?

I will answer my own question in case anyone else is curious…

The most important step in the mobile payment transaction is the secure element, which holds all the authorization power. Whether it’s a chip in the phone, or functions virtually in the cloud, the secure element is tamper-proof and protected by a unique digital signature. As explained by Michael Armentrout of Infineon, which manufactures secure element chips, the architecture of the secure element is designed to be hardened against attacks on the phone.

"That includes software attacks but also hardware-based attacks where someone got your phone or SIM card, it would be extremely difficult to obtain info off of that because it’s a chip that is designed to have security mechanisms that go well beyond a normal processor. "