Microsoft to hackers: Don't publish code

I just posted the article Microsoft to hackers: Don’t publish code.

Microsoft and the word security flaw seems to go hand in hand now they ask the hackers to not publicing the code`s of the flaws online.

I think Microsoft need stop blaming the hackers for the…

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I’m sorry but no way - MS gets no sympathy from me. Give me a break - they’ve already got an email address for people to submit newly found vulnerabilities and exploits to. They are just TOO big of a company and apparently WON’T write (more) robust software. It’s disgusting. Sympathy from me? Not a chance.

Here’s the deal plain and simple; If you make crappy/buggy software that has serious security issues then it’s the consumers right to know about it. If your smart you keep track of the issues and use it to improve your code. Makes you think; instead of spending billions of dollars on promotion claiming your software is the greatest maybe you should spend a little more money actually making it great, and let the word be spread by satisfied customers instead. Take take another example wouldn’t you like to know if your new car ahd some serious issues with the brakes that could lead to a disaster? // Swede242