Microsoft to end support of Office 2007 in October this year

Microsoft will end support for the popular Office 2007 suite within several months. After this date the software will no longer receive security updates. The Office 2007 RTM version was released on the 3rd of November when also Volume Licensing customers received the software. On January 30th the retail version of the software became available.

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Still using my paid for Office 98 and it does everything I or anybody else really needs. Haven’t checked for updates for many years and really don’t need them!

I used to be a fan of Office 2000 myself. Nowadays I prefer LibreOffice because it’s cross-platform and free (both in price and in freedom).

I was a user of Office 97 for many years in the late 1990s, and then I used that along with Office 2000 for a few years - Office 2000 is definitely an improvement and has certain new features that are helpful. But in Office 2003 Microsoft decided to mess with the interface, and you couldn’t revert back to the classic one (at least on XP) so I didn’t adopt that version and well the versions after that are completely messed up, broken and unusable from my point of view.

So I continue using Office 2000 till this day, and I have no plans and no reason to use anything else not to mention downgrade to the newer junk that M$ has put up in the past 10 years.

Office 2000 does everything I need an office software to do, and things it does not do - I don’t need. And one thing I definitely don’t need is Microsoft’s “support” for using a damn word processor ;­-)

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It seems like not much extra functionality has been added to the Word or Excel document formats since as far back as the Windows 3.1 days.

The following video checks what current everyday PC use is still possible on Windows 3.1. Some things we take for granted such as e-mail, web browsing, video playback and modern gaming are out. Similarly the PDF format has changed many times over the years that most PDF files cannot be viewed on the last version of Adobe Reader for Windows 3.1. The only reliable web based tool that still works well is IRC.

However, as far as Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, it’s a quite an interesting surprise:

I’ve been using LibreOffice for several years now, and though its a little clunky at times, my needs aren’t very elaborate. It works as a basic word processor. Making myself sit down and write is much more of a problem. :givewink:

Never had Word 2007. The last version I used was Word 2003, which my sister still has and refuses to update. People get set in their ways. There are many writers still using WordStar in DOS.

I still Office 97 on 1 machine at home
Office 2003 on 1 at home
and my main machine at home and work is Office 2010 at the moment
Tried LibreOffice and did not like the feel of it so sticking with the Office that I have for now.

When I first used Office 2007 at my school, I absolutely hated it. Of course, being a major Microsoft fanboy at the time, I assumed the stupid office 2007 ribbon was a one-time blunder, something Microsoft would never attempt again. Boy, was I wrong.

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