Microsoft to drop Xbox360 HD DVD price

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As the sale of PS3s continue to enable more consumers to play Blu-ray HD DVD movies, Microsoft has now struck back by reducing the price of the Xbox 360 add-on HD DVD Player to $179 from August 1st…

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Yay … maybe I can now pick the addon up for a “reasonable” cost to “tinker” with :slight_smile:

:r :r :r Big DEAL! You still have to pay $479 for the Elite version just to get HDMI output…plus $179 for the HD-DVD add-on which equals $658. And that damn thing is UGLY!!! Plus you can’t even play HD-DVD games like blu-ray games! Not worth it at all!!!

I think 20.00 USD drop was stupid should of dropped it to like 149.99 or something, I mean come on what’s 20.00?

@ lui_gough My thoughts exactly. C’mon people, don’t crap on this like you just ate at Taco Bell. You’re getting a price drop of $20 and five movies. What do you want? Microsoft and the movie studios to pay YOU? LOL. :+

This is an effective price drop of $120. Now like a lot of people I would have preferred an actual price drop of $120 I can see the reasoning behind it. Cube

Drop the price to $120 and keep the movies. :d

I wouldn’t want it if it was free. HD-DVD is junk. Blu-Ray stores 50GB!!! I can’t even find an HD-DVD recoder (I’m sure they exist somewhere): I’ll still wait for the format war to end.

This is dumb. If MS really wanted to support the HD-DVD format (and compete with the PS3), they would have built the drive into the $479 elite model. As it stands now, for HDMI and HD, the PS3 is a better buy…

@ fdfgfgf You’re an idiot. Can we not weed out these people who don’t even have enough interest in this site to set up an account? What an original username, btw. What a poser. :frowning:

Dukenukem? Gee, wonder where did you get THAT username. That’s sooooooooo original isn’t it. Can’t argue the technical benefits of HD-DVD can you? Other than it’s cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap.

@ fdfgfgf That’s it? Your big comeback is making fun of a REAL user name? Wow, I expected more from a Sony fanboy.

Still can’t come up with a technical reason to buy an HD-DVD drive can you? It’s cheaper because it’s inferior. Actually I hate Sony, but blu-ray IS superior. 50GB Vs. 15GB. While blu-ray drives are more expensive blu-ray DISCS cost slightly less. That’ll add up over time.

Fine, let’s go. Benefits of HD DVD (not HD-DVD as you’ve been indicating) include: - NOT a $ony product, so there won’t be any rootkits to avoid. - Hardware is about 40 percent less expensive - One less copy protection scheme than BD Umm… 50GB vs. 15 GB? What are you smoking? You’re comparing a 2 layer (50GB) Blu-ray disc to a 1 layer (15 GB) HD DVD disc? It’s a shame that you’ve had to resort to such deception. Tune in tomorrow kiddies when fdfgfgf tries to compare Christina Aguliera with bat-shit crazy Britney Spears. :stuck_out_tongue:

One Reason Blu-Ray is better… STUDIO SUPPORT!!! Universal will support blu-ray soon enough after they see the sales…plus Speilberg said NO! to releasing his movies from Universal…muhahahahaha!!! no JAWS or Jurassic Park for HD-DUD!!! and his first HD movie will be on Blu-Ray this fall…Close Encounters box set!

The bigest reason that I can see to back HD DVD is that it’s region free where as BD has regional coding built in. Not used all that much at present but I bet as soon as BD wins the war it will be used, then we outside of the US will be at the mercy of the local distributors as we were when DVD first came out with price gouging and lack of movies…