Microsoft to compete with iTunes and others with their music download service

I just posted the article Microsoft to compete with iTunes and others with their music download service.

  Despite many legal download services using Microsoft's Windows  Media technology to deliver their DRM protected tracks, it is not up until  recently that Microsoft have announced their plans to...
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Windows Media Players…:r It’s a piece of shit! Also, if sends information back to et al when u r not looking. One way to find out is set up a firewall to block all outgoing traffic to MS. If you are not connected to Internet then WMP is smart enough not to “complain” that it can’t “dial out”. Anyway, Linux-based users should have already ditched WMP garbage :wink:

Don’t beat about the bush icepax, tell us exactly what you mean…

I thought icepax gave a fairly comprehensive review of WMP.

Apparently Windows Media Player does actually report to Microsoft what songs you are listening to, particularly if you listen to WMA tracks. I knew someone use to love the WMA format due to Microsoft’s claim to be superior to MP3 and use to download their tracks in WMA format preferably over MP3. When they installed Windows Media Player 8 (at the time), over 200 of their WMA tracks were revoked as they have been reported as illegally distributed. :r