Microsoft Technet subscription 25% off
Use Promotion Code TMSAM01

A TechNet Plus subscription includes premium resources to help you evaluate Microsoft technologies, plan deployments and support your current IT environment.

works out to $261 plus tax
check the link if you don’t know what this is
its good for at least 10 keys for various programs

(:bigsmile: let the arrows be slung at the messenger now!:p)

Worth every dime, I am surprised more people on this forum don’t make use of it.:iagree:

I had a read through some of the FAQs and terms and there are several nice things about a subscription: :wink:

[li]The products do not have time limits, apart from the usual 30-day grace period on some that require activation. [/li][li]There are 10 unique keys per product for most products, e.g. 10 unique keys for Windows Vista Business, 10 unique keys for Windows Vista Home, etc. Some server products have just one unique key. Going by what I read, the Technet subscriber can contact support for more if they use them up, e.g. a technician who regularly changes hardware components and uses up all the activations allowed on each key.[/li][li]Keys that have been claimed during the technet subscription can still be used after the subscription expires. However, further keys cannot be claimed without renewing the subscription.[/li][li]ISO images of all products can be downloaded during the subscription period, such as to replace missing/misplaced media or to use with the evaluation keys. [/li][li]Going by the FAQ, subscribers may also download software for own use on their own equipment at home. [/li][/ul]

There are a few things to note: Only the subscriber may use the software and keys provided by their Technet subscription. A Technet subscription must not be used as a way to get cheap software for non-evaluation purposes, such as for profit in a live office environment. I’m sure many Technet subscripers do use it as a cheap way to get software for multiple home PCs, but I’m sure Microsoft would much rather this than those technicians downloading and using pirated software.

You also get access to software before it’s released to the public. I’ve been using the RTM version of Windows 7 for a few weeks. Now would be a good time to sign up with all the new releases coming up - Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Office 2010, and SharePoint 2010.

I was planning to go ahead to give it a try for a year until I saw the nasty things it was doing to anyone purchasing from Ireland:

I went to the Technet Plus website and when I went to the sign up page, it showed the price £234 in Sterling, so I figured a 25% discount would be nice. It accepted the above promotion code and showed the price of around £175.50 and mentioned that VAT is not included. Well, I kind of figured the price was going to be without VAT with it being targetted at businesses, so I signed in. Ok so far. :slight_smile:

When I went to fill in my details, I ran into my first problem - the country field said “United Kingdom” and was greyed out! :confused: Since this is an online-only distribution offer, I decided to fill out what I could and continue, but on the Billing page, I ran into another issue. The country field was also greyed out (saying United Kingdom) and the phone number had to start with +44. As it mentions the phone number and address must match exactly as the credit card, I decided not to chance it.

Finally, I decided to try changing the country from the upper right drop-down field and was taken to Microsoft Ireland’s homepage. As I couldn’t find any mention of Technet plus on it, I tried a Google lookup and found the Irish Technet Plus website and went back into the “Buy” link.

Surprise suprise! Microsoft charges €373.64+VAT for Irish subscribers, which works out at £349.20+VAT at current exchange. :eek: With the 25% discount and VAT added, this works out at £105 more expensive than their UK price, which is also more expensive than the UK price without the promotion! :doh:

The above seems to have expired

Use TMSAM03 For $100.00 off

Total $261.75 my tax was $16.36 for a total of $278.11

[QUOTE=bean55;2450688]Total $261.75 my tax was $16.36 for a total of $278.11[/QUOTE]

That makes the UK price look pricey and also just shows how much Microsoft rips off the Irish :frowning:

If I was able to get it for the above UK price with discount, it would work out at roughly €227 with current exchange rate including VAT (Tax).

Your final price of $278.11 works out at ~€174 with the current exchange. If I bought it from Technet Ireland and was able to take advantage of the 25% discount, it would have worked out at about €339 including VAT (Tax)

For curiosity, I tried the “Buy” link on the US website, but it redirects me to the UK website.

Can you get MS software for Mac, i.e. Office 2008 for Mac, and whatever you need to dual boot an Intel Macbook? I couldn’t find it on the Technet website.

Just ordered the wife a new Macbook…

As far as I can tell, Technet Plus does not include Mac software. For example, if I type in “Office 2008” in the search box, I get no results. If I type in “Office” on its own, I get results for Office XP, 2003 & 2008.

If you have a Windows Live account (e.g. for MSN/Live messenger or Hotmail), you can see the full list of software as follows: Go to this link, logon with your Windows Live ID and you’ll see a full list of what they have. Obviously the download and key links are all greyed out, but you can view the details tab for each product.

At the moment, they have a new promo code TNWIN7RTM, which gives 25% off. This is valid until the end of this month (October).

Thanks Sean. I came to a similar conclusion myself. Oh well.

Tried to buy a subscription but can’t get past the page where you click on the
buy button just keeps saying processing your information but goes right back to
the buy button page same thing over and over. :confused: I thought maybe it was doing
it because of trying to use the discount code but tried it with both codes TMSAM03
and TNWIN7RTM and tried it without any code and it just does the same thing over
and over again. :frowning: What am I doing wrong??? :sad:

this info is off of one of the Technet instructors blogspots:
For [B]NEW[/B] subscriptions, from now until June 2010, you can [B]save 25% [/B]on any version of a TechNet Plus subscription
Price was $349.00. with this discount [B]save $87.25[/B] and get it for [B]$261.75[/B].
Go to the TechNet Subscription Center and use the code [B]TMSAM15 [/B]to get your savings. (:bigsmile: you shall be assimilated)
works best with Internet Explorer

No time to waste,that’s why I cut & paste! :smiley:

Yep it was something on my end that kept me from getting to the purchase page I switched over from
my Vista/Win7 drive back to the XP drive and it went straight to the page to buy and now I have my
TechNet subscription. :clap: :iagree:

[QUOTE=getit29;2456614]Yep it was something on my end that kept me from getting to the purchase page I switched over from
my Vista/Win7 drive back to the XP drive and it went straight to the page to buy and now I have my
TechNet subscription. :clap: :iagree:[/QUOTE]

Let us know how you like it. I have toyed with the idea of a Technet for a long time and with the Windows 7 thing now its starting to sound even better.
Thanks, budzos