Microsoft Takes New Tack on MP3 Files



I just posted the article Microsoft Takes New Tack on MP3 Files.

Still be using audiograbber to rip my mp3z so i dont need that from microsoft.

Microsoft Corp. plans to give away new software for playing music and videos on a computer, but consumers who…

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LAME AND POINTLESS!! Who cares. Windows Media Player sucks anyway. Bloatware are us. Even worse than WIndows itself. Anyone who actually finds this news effecting them is a moron anyway. - RIP with EAC - COMPRESS with LAME - ORGANISE with ?? I use mp3-explorer. Any other suggestions? Please NO Bloatware suggestions or anything to do with REAL (Kings of bloatware).


As long as M$ gets some sort of profit they are fine with it. Seems like they have a hard time understanding that good things are free (EAC, Lame). As a user of Windows, I wouldn’t switch to “their” way of doing things, it’s perfect the way I’m doing it right now. BTW, WMA :r


I am frightened to allow MS do do anything with mp3. I just saw the very first SMARTMEDIA card player for the car - just when the record industry & MS want to remove the ability to to copy cd’s & make mp3’s. aarrgghh.


Nero’s encoding extras are enough for me to encode mpg’s. as far as ripping wavs from an audio cd. I copy the wav files direct from Scsi cd-rom to hard drive. :4


Just give me the future of wavecompression: ogg/vorbis! No royalties to be paid by anyone and it sounds better than MP3 at the same encoding rate.