Microsoft sues TomTom for patent infringement

I just posted the article Microsoft sues TomTom for patent infringement.

In a lawsuit filed today, Microsoft claims that TomTom violated eight patents in its GPS navigation devices.
Among these patents are "Vehicle Computer System with Open Platform…

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the chances are, microsoft probably stole these patents from someone else!:stuck_out_tongue:

Abuse of the patents office continues. Microsoft should not have been allowed to claim ownership of basic computer elements. Hopefully they’ll lose and this Administration will start weeding out overly-general patents that should never have been granted in the first place.

“Microsoft has said Linux violates 235 patents.”

Ahh, yes, The dubious patent infringement scare Microsoft (or more correctly mad boy Ballmer) likes to throw around. A pity it’s all hot air and no substance.

Nice try Microsoft. Maybe you should remind yourselves of the $1Billion lawsuit you lost to Fraunhofer for illegally bundling the MP3 codec with Windows Media Player. Does that ring a bell ?

It’s quite funny:
1yr ag: Microsoft “We won’t be suing any linux users for patent infringment”

2days ago: Microsoft “We’re suing commercial companies using linux, due to linux’s patent infringement”.

And the patents … OMFG!
They might as well patent use of binary digits for computing!
Nearly all of the patents are highly obvious, and hence highly dubious. If it goes to court, I’d expect no less than the patent system to come under close scrutiny for allowing frivolous patents for obvious ideas. …

Administrative rights elevation (UAC in Winblows) … OMFG!
Unix derivatives have been using this for 30years!!!
Has Microsoft patented “Super User”???

There is a milliards years fight: Tho Good against the bad. Or Humans (protected by GOD) against devil. Or… Open source community against Microsoft. Who is under attack? The Open Source community, The Humans (God is up), The Good. By who? By Microsoft, devil, bad. In the end the Good allways win.

I still wonder why Bill Gates signed off. Maybe because he’s on the good side, after all. Or maybe because the Chief in charge of actual Microstrops company is not human. So, as allways in human kind history, things start good and ends bad. Why? Because some of us are serving the devil, not the GOD, and trying to keep humanity blind, ill, choped. Anyway, The good guys allways win. End of story.

Debro, so in Microsoft oppinion, Companies that are using Linux are not Linux Users? So what are they? Linux Eaters?

And I still wonder who owns the patent for THE WHEEL. not the word… If the inventor of the wheel would had patented his invention would human kind be at this level now? I don’t think so.

And one more: Microstropft Has no patent. His invention in everything belongs to the humans who invented them. So Microsoft is some kind of communist company where all the inventions belonged to The Communist Parti, Right? For all who don’t know, the inventions of ANYTHING in all the countries who are in communism … belong to that country, not to that human being who invented it… :frowning: