Microsoft sued over European music downloads by N.Y. company

I just posted the article Microsoft sued over European music downloads by N.Y. company.

Quakester2000 reports us that Microsoft has been
sued by a small New York
company, E-Data, for violating a 20-year-old patent it holds. The company
charges that Microsoft’s new music…

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These guys are having a laugh, transmitting data to a remote point of sale? You can’t patent that, next they’ll be claiming that we should all pay them for using the web because the web pages are transmitted by the same download process used for downloading the music. …have they kicked up about the purchasing of e-Books that are downloaded on an electronic point of sale basis? Noooo! Me thinks these guys are taking the pissoir, and should be shut down immediately.

This is actually a very old story, this EPOS thing was kicking around with E-Data back in 1996, check this out:

This reminds me of the British phone company that claimed to have a patent on hpyerlinking, years ago :slight_smile:

actually in the US and to a lesser degree in Europe you can patent pretty much anything you want no need to show originality or that’s it your idea, just file an application first and it’s yours! naturally this totally destroys the credibility of serious patents, as at some point ALL patents made in the last x years will have to be deemed void because the system has been totally screwed up not that it actually will happen, but one can always dream :

Why does the US continue to hold U.S. patents for foreign companies. Especially wih all the jobs going over seas. You’d think they’d just say ok, Do business over seas if you want to, but that voids your patents and copy-protections.

Seems like everyone has agreed, more or less for the reason it’s ridiculous thing to patent. How about this, though, the files aren’t downloaded to a physical media, but to a PC. They could be burned to CD, dropped onto an MP3 player, stored onto a DVD, sent to a ZIP drive, backed up on tape drives, OR kept on the PC. It’s up to the user, and it’s their file that was sent without violating the other company’s copyrights.