Microsoft sued over alleged Xbox 360 glitch


Well here it comes. I have to give Sony and Nintendo Kudo’s for not rushing their new platforms before X-mas.

Microsoft is going to pick up a lot of heat for this one. :doh:

It’s actually the power supply, and the problem can be overcome by lifting the PSU off the floor by some string :slight_smile:
They’ve recalled them :wink:

But who wants to permenetly suspend theirs by a string. I have read that some people are just leaving it on top of their entertainment center instead of inside and it work fine like that too. It just needs the air circulation. I for one dont thing that this deserves a lawsuit but yes on the recall or something similar.

Nah, it’s just someone trying to get a big settlement out of the biggest company on earth.
Expect the next revision to have a little sticker on the bottom saying something like:
“Caution: Please keep this power pack free from dust, moisture, small children, pets, goldfish, life support machines, and elevated at least 3 inches from the ground”


Yeah, here in the US, people are such opportunistic bastards. They will sue over the smallest crap, b/c, hey, what better way to get rich than some big company with lots of money? Fcking tools. These people are just freaking dumb. People are just not technically literate enough to realize that the more powerful things get, the hotter they will run. Seems kinda simple, but apparently 90% of the population can’t figure this sht out. :rolleyes:

It just pisses me off when people pull bullshit lawsuits out of their ass like this. They are just suing on behalf of their stupidity. Take that dumb btch of a grandma who bought GTA: San Andreas for her little 13 year old sht grandson, and lo and behold, was suprised that the “M” rating actually meant 17+. Gee, who would have thought that a game rated “M” would be inappropriate for a 13 year old. I know she sued based on the hidden pixlelated porn, but seriously, if the kid can figure out how to dl the mod, or find the gameshark codes for it, isn’t it likely he would already be able to find real pr0n? I hope she goes into debt fighting Rockstar.

Whew. As you can see, stupid people irk me, and really get me :a. This lawsuit against Microsoft is totally pointless, and the “design flaw” is pretty much the AC adapter. Also, with new tech like this, there are always bound to be problems. I mean, come on people, 3 PowerPC proccessors and ATI’s newest graphic card tech? Use your brains and put the damn thing somewhere that isn’t cluttered by crap. I am by no means an xbox fanboy, in fact I don’t plan on buying the 360, instead I will see how the PS3 and Revolution turn out. However, in lawsuits brought out due to pure stupidity, something must be said.

It’s always been that way in America (Okay I’m a brit, but I calls them like i sees them :slight_smile: ) that some warnings or guidance notes are posted because of peoples sheer stupidity or lack of common sense.
The main problem is that too many civil lawsuits have been won because the company that makes an item did not envisage that people would be so brainless as to damage themselves in the most bizzare ways.
I still wonder what lawsuit made Marlborough put the “Pull” sign on the silver wrapper inside the cigarette box…

Speaking of stupid people, hehe:

Bastard deserved to die.

/me falls off my chair laughing at another darwin award candidate.