Microsoft sued for data loss and damage to PC due to Windows 10 upgrade


A class of American Windows 7 users have sued Microsoft because the free upgrade to Windows 10 resulted in data loss and damage to the computer. The users claim the damaged forced them to buy a new computer or pay for repairs.

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They can pry my Windows 7 Ultimate from my cold, dead hands.


No they didn’t! Many people complained about Windows 10 being installed without their consent! This is why I never pay attention to spokes people. I don’t work for Microsoft, and yet I seem to know much more than this person.

[quote=“system, post:1, topic:398028”]If a customer who upgraded during the one year program needed help with the upgrade experience, we had numerous options including free customer support and 31-days to roll back to their old operating system. We believe the plaintiffs’ claims are without merit.”

Having plenty of time to downgrade sounds nice, but what if it takes 32+ days to fix some bug in the downgrading program? That would effectively leave users feeling completely screwed (and pissed)! I hope this lawsuit goes well, because Microsoft deserves it!