Microsoft sued for copyright Infringement

I just posted the article Microsoft sued for copyright Infringement.

Betanews reports that our friends of Micrsoft have been sued by a company called InterTrust. Intertrust believes that Microsoft has stolen
their technology for digital rights management.


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Yeee, seems like Microsoft seems to like suing alot of companies but when it comes to them getting sued they say they the opponent dont like competing in the marketplace. Kind of contricdicts doesn’t it. :4

LOL. MS Sucks!!! If they do put digital management into their software they’re just asking for people to change OS’s. They have a monolopy but are they that stupid that they think no one will change if they start pissing everyone off?? Linux is growing fast and so are it’s drivers, apps and overall support. MS ARE FUCKING STUPID!!

Nila: Didnt you hear? They have already MSLinux. so they covered all their bases. Hmmmm can’t believe they are takin open source once again for profit. :r

I didn’t hear about MS Linux but I’m not too worried about it. Most people move to Linux to escape from MS because it’s coding is so shit. I cant see too many of them rushing away from MS straight back to it :slight_smile:

nuke001, Are you talking about That’s a joke, dummy.

They probably take over the company anyway :slight_smile:

A JOKE?!!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I really wanted the Monkeys On Mars! :frowning: