Microsoft spends millions exorcising Media Player for Europe

I just posted the article Microsoft spends millions exorcising Media Player for Europe.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about this information
concerning Media Player 10 that he read over at the Register. For whatever
reason, in the United States we have not heard…

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Microsoft should be stopped… We all deserve this! :d If it keeps going this way in about a decade all the major IT stuff will be microsoft with little competion, higher price, and less innovation. :frowning:

Shadowman, Hah, that’s a laugh. Ahem… [rant]The only reason Microsoft is a umm ‘monopoly’ is because they make a good product that everybody buys and few people see any reason to buy products from their many competitors. If Microsoft’s competition would just shape up for once and make some high quality mass market products (Linux is not mass market, it needs a bit more refinement for the average user) we would not have this situation! It is not Microsoft’s fault they make quality products, it is the competition’s fault they can not keep up. Moreover, where do you think Microsoft’s money came from? It came from people who traded money for their products volunterally! Do not go complaining that Microsoft has all this money, boo hoo, they deserve the money people pay them or people would not give it to them in the first place. If you do not like Microsoft go buy another product, but do not go complaining that it is their fault your favorite competitor is doing poorly! [/rant] :stuck_out_tongue:
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You are both right in a way. The cold hard truth is that Microsoft’s fortune was made from money that we, and millions of others paid them. Over the 15+ years they have been around, Microsoft have took a lot of that money and expanded their business, bought other companies and have been ruthless in making sure they make software that the majority of people want… …but, it has now got to the point that in certain product areas no-one can touch them as their share is 90%+ (such as word processing and spreadsheets), it’s this that the likes of the EU and various other courts are so worried about. It’s not just what they have done, but what they COULD do that scares them the most. I just hope that other companies see these oppertunities and do something with them, because if they don’t then what is the point in all of these restrictions?

nhandler you are quite wrong! Now you laugh, if the story keep on this way you will laugh a lot less… It is too simple to relay only on an absent competition. For Media Players this is truly not the case. Microsoft knows that the people out there do not want any hassle and that they are going to use a media player if it’s packed with their OS. So is very simple to make a new monopoly just by adding a piece of (good but truly not the best) software that everyone wants inside their OS with all the imaginable integration that no other companies can even imagine. The competion could do little against this! Forget about what was done in the 80’ and 90’. NOW we are here and NOW Microsoft should be stopped in their way of doing business because it’s becomng a huge monster that swallows a lot of minor companies and scares others to become the unique IT provider in a lot of areas (using our money of course). This is quite long to write so just try to understand. :B MICROSOFT SHOULD BE STOPPED! I DO NOT REALLY WANT TO SEE MICROSOFT AROUND EACH CORNER IN ABOUT A DECADE. :r