Microsoft sold 28 million Xbox 360s by end of 2008

I just posted the article Microsoft sold 28 million Xbox 360s by end of 2008.

Since its launch in November 2005, Microsoft has sold more than 28 million Xbox 360 through the end of 2008, Microsoft joyfully said in a statement.
The company also has sold 8 million Xbox 360…

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Won’t catch the Wii, but I’m sure now that the RRoD issues have been resolved, Microsoft has to be happy with the sales figures for the Xbox 360.

I mainly use my Xbox 360 to stream Netflix movies and play games online, and I doubt I would be using the console at all if it weren’t for Xbox Live.

that’s what it was built for. everyone plays mostly on live. single player gets boring after a while.

The RROD issues have [B]not[/B] been resolved.

Yes, they’ve been resolved if you just now buy a new Jasper, which Microsoft wont even admit that they exist!

If you are one of the millions of poor misfortunates that bought a Xenon model, then RROD is going to permanently be your problems.

When your Xenon console brakes down, Microsoft will only give you replacement like for like, and just give you more Xenon parts, they then only give you a 3 months warranty on repaired consoles. (what ever happened to the Opus I would like to know, but again Microsoft wont admit there ever was an Opus)

So those that have stood on the fence for 3 years and just bought the Jasper console now for the cheap £130, are laughing, those that bought the launch Xenon consoles for ~£300 which were around between November 2005 to around November 2007, get the shaft from Microsoft.