Microsoft software pirates sentenced to jail



I just posted the article Microsoft software pirates sentenced to jail.

Microsoft won a battle in the overall war against piracy in China, after the ringleaders of a large-scale Chinese counterfeiting ring were handed jail sentences after being busted in…

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Shipping toxic waste like Vista to the USA makes them terrorists. They should be executed.

What are “high-value” markets to pirates? Places where there is no broadband or where people don’t know how to use BitTorrent?


RTV71: I believe “high-value” countries describes nations like the United States and many European nations that have high GDPs, where people are willing to purchase the pirated software rather than spend time trying to figure out how to pirate it.


I thought China didn’t honor patents? I thought they could reengineer products to sell on the open market?


The sentences were excessive because America wants vengeance for all the children/pets that have died from “Made In China” products containing contaminated milk, contaminated toys, contaminated pet food, contaminated pharmaceuticals, contaminated drywall…


They should get rehabilitation. Not for ‘pirating’, but for dealing in mickey$haft products. Poor taste.


So, I guess it is against the law to steal their products, but it is not against the law for microsoft to steal others ideas then run them out of business. I really think Microsofts days are numbered. Google or developers around the net are going to surprise them with a free OS soon… Android. I have already seen an article with a netbook running on Android with wireless, sound, browsing etc all working.

They will get beat at their own game by Google, who will create (provide) a system for accessing the net (Chrome) and word processing etc, and give it away. Sound familiar? IE all over again- but this time MS is the Netscape. All Google needs is for folks to access the net and they are making money. The more people they can get online…the more they will make…

Unplug your PC sometime from the Internet and see how long you spend “computing”. It’s all about the Internet now.


Crabby: There is a growing number of people who believe Google is the next “evil empire”, so having Google suddenly take over Microsoft’s products is rather unlikely any time in the immediate future, IMO.

Besides that, Microsoft has been expanding into other products for years now just so they’ll be prepared if they lose dominance in the OS market.

Steve Ballmer may like to act like one crazy guy, but he’s quite intelligent and knows what he’s doing.


$400 for an operating system full of bugs is theft in my book. It’s Microslop who should be in jail in the first place!