Microsoft: software piracy is on the rise, especially in Asia

I just posted the article Microsoft: software piracy is on the rise, especially in Asia.

According to Microsoft software piracy is on the rise worldwide and especially in the Asian ‘hot spots’ China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. Cause of this rise is the lack of tough…

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Sheeeeiiittt !!! not again. It’s obvious MIZZ Bostick needs to have a cows vagina pulled over her head and let a bull fuck some sense into her. How often do we say it…cheaper software thats not buggy…sheeesh…:7

oh yes, if microsoft put as money in repairing bugs as in searching piracy,windaube will be the most beautiful gui in the world :4

Who the hell wants to pay something like 2, 3 or even 4 hundred quid or more for an OEM or retail version of MS Office XP? Not many… that’s why the likes of this and other progs are pirated with so much profit being made. Solution? Cut the bloody selling price to something sensible and these racketeers will make less money on sales and we may all consider it worthwhile buying something like this legitamately. Look at Windows XP… Nearly 100 quid for a Home OEM version and 150 quid for the Pro OEM on average. But it is wrong as pointed out above to assume that every person who obtains a pirated copy of software will automatically have bought the real thing. That just doesn’t happen. Oh, and the bugs? These just make the software crap and worthless and not worth the price of a fart… which is free anyway. :8

Wasn’t there just a report that Microsoft took legal actions against Lik Sang a mod chip maker in Hong Kong. How would Microsoft be able to take legal actions in a country where piracy rates are high. That just makes it scary because that means they can control the whole world. Taking legal actions against a mod chip maker in a country where copyright laws are not enforced just makes it seem scary enough to believe that corporate giants can control the whole world. I thought it would be safe to start a mod chip business in a country whose copyright laws are not that strict.

And other news, Chairman Bill Gates pushed forward his plan for the re-invasion of Vietnam. “We can not allow these third rate countries to abuse our quality, bug free, software by providing copies at resonable prices to those who otherwise could not afford it”. Chairman Gates also proposed ‘black bag’ operations that would seed these areas with copies of non-functional, buggy software of popular software titles until it was pointed out that consumers would not be able to tell the differnce.

UofM3000 the xbox modchip is back on sale at liksang :wink: