Microsoft Skydrive nightmare: private files monitored, access to Xbox and mail revoked

Microsoft Skydrive nightmare: private files monitored, access to Xbox and mail revoked.


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Microsoft has real people that verify offensive content before taking action.

This is first hand knowledge gained via employment.

To companies contemplating moving some or all of their IT infrastructure onto Azure be warned.

Yes, I suppose when Bill Gates buys that suitcase-Nuke, I’ll make sure he doesn’t send me the PDF of the invoice to my Skydrive. “Get a 44-cent stamp, Bill… that’s good enough…”

Of course, I’d say “every cloud has that lead-lining, too”. We’ll end up like zebras - some synthetic hope based on vast numbers and hope we can slip thru because our stripes are confusing in vast quantities. Of course, it’s amazing what someone can slip thru if they create a few typos here or there-!

And as stories like this circulate people will take their data HOME to a physical drive and tell compaines like skydrive exactly what bodily orifice they should shove their servers to ensure they are never again exposed to daylight.

I know the web adress of and that I prefer WD drives so selling me a “cloud service” sounds too much like trying to blow smoke up my bodily orifice.

I tend to react unpleasantly to the suggestion that I’m the sort of idiotic sucker that would go for that.

My Skydrive is still OK :smiley:

An important thing to keep in mind with situations like this is that a SkyDrive does not get closed for nothing, and in most cases, you can simply contact Microsoft and they will reopen it and enable to remove material that violates the code of conduct. If they won’t reenable it, you probably have put something on it that breaks the law or can be used by child-predators and can get Microsoft in trouble for giving access back.

The point is not that they can "turn it off"
The point is not if you’ve done something that justifies them turning it off

The point is there is no warning,
No explanation of what you’ve done wrong
and no recovery for any data lost from them doing so.

They feel they have the right to not eplain themselves OR supply any “appeals process”

Because by the time they’d done it they’ve also destroyed any evidence proving either guilt or innocence.