Microsoft shows off first glimpse of HD DVD drive for Xbox 360

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 With  Microsoft's external HD DVD drive add-on for the Xbox 360 just a couple of months  away, Microsoft has shown off the drive for the public to get a first glimpse of.  Despite the...
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What remains to be seen is the cost of Xbox 360 Premium + HD-DVD addon v. PS3 Premium… Also, which one will be more cumbersome to use: PS3 with its built in Blu-Ray player v. Xbox 360 with it’s external (?) addon. It also seems that the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive is just for movies, while the Blu-Ray on Sony’s console will be for everything. Maybe in the future it will be interesting to have more than a DVD DL to hold game content…

They barely make use of single layer DVDs. Only a few games are big enough for dual-layer, and even those don’t fill the disc. I bet we’ll be into the NEXT generation of consoles before games need Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs. They could use the space for higher resolution textures and larger levels, but the current consoles don’t have the RAM for handling it.

Damn that thing is huge and ugly!

Size does matter… :B

Wrong most Xbox 360 games are already bordering on the 8.5gig mark and the developer of Gundum for PS3 has said it’s nice to have the extra room.

TBH i think most 360 games whilst having an 8.5 gig iso if you extract the actual files from within the size is a lot smaller. I know this for a few games, ive heard it for quite a few others.

No, it’s not huge and ugly. It’s HUUUUGE and UUUUUGLY. :d Yuck!

I don’t know how people are saying that games barely fill a single sided DVD. There are many Xbox 1 games who need to be fill more than that. So, I suppose that the latest generation consoles easily fill even more space. Judging by the ISO size of many Xbox 360 games, they are almost always over the 6GB, 7GB. And this is on a medium that can’t go much over that. So, it’s not a stretch to imagine that, if they’d have more available space, more would be used.

lol, we have the best compression technology, most PC games still come on CD-Rom in two disc sets. Thats a small 1.4 GB of space and PC games are already high def. If there is anything I have learned it is that efficiency is more important than sheer volume or power, Intel proved it with Core Duo 2 and nintendo proved it with the DS. There are very advanced compression technics out that sacrafise nothing lol. If someone thinks that wii and X360 don’t have clout because they have DVD drives you are wrong.

Of course you can see Xbox ISOs which are 7.x GB as these are raw dumps of the original disks. (and you need these big raw iso’s to be able to play them as backups) As a real modchip comes to the X360, these big isos will be useless and only the real data will be needed. Have you ever tried to check how big the real data inside thes 7.x GB iso’s is ?? I doubt so… Saying that a CD is always 74/80/99 mins is ok, but musicans usually use only a part of that, and I have never seen anyone complained about this. I remember people asked why many PS2 games are 4.x GB, but the actualy size of these games have been under 1 GB, $ony juist tricked these people with $ony’s iso creation tool. Seems many people think size does matter, I saw many lame games on DVD’s and I remember some cool stuff with real ideas from the floppy era. regards, Stephen