Microsoft search beta

Anyone seen/heard about this? i find this particularly useful/funny


But I will admit, the new search does have me worried about Google. Microsoft doesn’t have to have to be better to win. It just has to integrate with Windows. Which it will do.

Search for “best web browser”.

First comes Mozilla. Then Opera. Then Netscape (wtf?!). And then comes IE.

Searching for “best search engine” yields Google in the first page of results (no other major engine made it).

suprisingly it is very-very fast…

Probably because of the low traffic volume.

Having said that, what do you mean exactly by fast? It delivering results in 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second? I didn’t notice any speed difference when playing around with it.

When I tried it the other day, after I type something and press enter, it instantly change with the result page without any blink in IE. Damn, I thought even if the database is in my harddrive, it won’t go that fast… maybe because IE? but yes, I guess it was low traffic the other day coz I tried google now and it’s the same altho a tiny bit slower imo.

I use Google mostly. Not sure whether I’ll use that MSN Search often in the near future. I typed GSA-4163B, and there were the same CDFreaks forum results. I thought MSN integrated to IE already had Search function.

This is their new search engine. The search engine that MSN currently uses and that is currently integrated is an engine that they licensed from Yahoo! They hope that with this brand new Microsoft-made search engine, they can overthrow Google.

Aha, I thought the one in my MSN toolbar was the new one.

Once I thought Yahoo was revolutionary enough. How is Jerry Yang these days? :slight_smile:

Web search tools got so advanced already long ago that a friend of mine in Seoul not in contact for years could find my latest phone number on a webpage and call me. Using the name Kenny Shin is not good for privacy. It was very common for me to post my home addresses as well as if I were some president for public service, but I had to do it anyway since other people should be able to call me at anytime and visit me at anytime no matter who they are and where they are from. Then it all changed to a state nobody wanted to provide any private information on the public forums.