Microsoft scientists : efforts to stop music piracy 'pointless'

I just posted the article Microsoft scientists : efforts to stop music piracy ‘pointless’.

CatPuke, spacegrass and msissons all used our newssubmit to point us to an article on the BBC News website.

According to a research paper prepared by computer scientists working for software…

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These scientists were paid to get to this conclusion, we could tell you this for free :4

Absolutely correct. The computer industry aren’t big fans of DRM. Face it, the music companies have always been anti technology and against change. They depend on “archaic” methods to make money and they will do any and everything in their power to stifle innovation and competition. Gee, isn’t that called a MONOPOLY?

If there was any risk of it being stopped, the answer would be to do it via Port 8080. What can they do? Block this port and they block the internet!

Gawd Damnit!!! Those scientist have a PH.D and Im still working on mine simple college degree to get a conclusion that I wrote in my philosophy class. This is bullshit while I’m paying $$$ to learn crap they get paid for saying crap. :c

The scientists are right. The record comapnies will probably never be able to shut down file sharing services. It just means that file swappers are winning the war which makes me happy.

With the current computer technology today there’s no way it can be stopped. But what if they started taking computer power away from us. MS Palladium DRM features. Remember, Microsoft is trying to take some of our computer abilities away from us. Even if some of those abilities are illegal. I think as computer users we should have the right to choose if we do something illegal with the computer. After all, killing people is illegal and against the commandments of God, and they haven’t taken guns and knives away from people yet.

I found when i looked at the source code for DRM i found 3-4 areas that are so poor that DRM can be defeated in a half hour or less and i just scanned the code quickly and i doubt that anything has changed. Bring it on Sunncomm

You didn’t include the best bit of the article: “In essence, say the researchers, file-swapping systems have already won. The only way for music companies to compete is on the same terms by making music easy to get hold of and cheap to buy. Evidence gathered by critics of the music industry has shown that CD prices have steadily risen over the past few years and may have contributed to the slump in sales as much as the rise of file-swapping systems. In late September five music companies and three music retailers were fined more than $143million after being found guilty of fixing CD prices too high.” Nice!