Microsoft scans serialnumbers



Believe it or not, Microsoft checks the serialnumbers from people who use the auto-update function.

A friend of mine uses Windows 98 SE dutch with a serialnumber found on the web. He used the auto-update function.
Next day he had a email from the BSA saying that he visit the Microsoft website with use of an illegal serialnumber. They gave him a serious warning not to use illegal Micosoft produkts.

When you use the autoupdate Microsoft says that no information will be sent to them! So how the hell can they find out his serial? And is it legal what Microsoft does?

Anyone else with the same experience?

Please let me know. I’m curious.




Hi !
Once I went on the Mikro$oft site for checking some Activex Stuff…
And the day after, when I reboot my computer,
it said that my Registry was “corrupt” and
that I have to install WinDews again…

I don’t know it’s related or not, but
I was wondering…




Well MS does it again.

Myself , no no experience with it.
I was warned MS does that.
I heard the rumours bout that more than a year ago when win98 was released.Warning was MS scans your registry when using autoupdate.
They cannot do that is what u think, according to privacy law.
But goverments are fed up with software piracy to.
And a company like MS can get away with stuff like that.
I mean come on u use illegal software and they find out and threathen you…you are defenitly not going to court with it,admitting u use illegal software.
I am curious where this will end with MS thinking bout combining hardware and serial numbers.
Sure you folks heard bout that to.

WeLL so Far …Prozac Out!!!


I’d know that for a long time!


Old news. Frankly you’d have to be very, let’s say special not to insult anyone, to use the auto update.

This goes for everything, especially Microsoft programs.

If you really must use the auto update feature, use a proxy or two and don’t fill in your real email for outlook.

Even then I don’t know if it logs anything else (probably does).

Moral of the story : be wary of auto updates.

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Old news, I believe I read it in CT a year ago, Microsoft checks for serials, ICQ checks for pirated software and Every Intel pentium III has an unique serial number so your pc can be tracked while you’re on the internet.


there’s a solution for icq and a pIII
For icq you have too change something in the registery->change by autoupdate “yes” to “no”

And for a pIII its possible to deactivate the serialnumber in your bios


I got my Win98SE serial from the internet and I used autoupdate once but no mail from MS.
Is that because I only updated some small things like the media player and some internet stuff?


I wonder if the person with the real serial number also receive the same e-mail??

My win98 is clean (purchased) but I have not autoupdated yet.


I’ve used the Auto Update feature since Win 98 was released and has continued to use it after I upgraded to Win 98 2nd Edition. Both CDs were pirated CDs sent to me by a friend in Malaysia. (They cost me about US$2 a disk).

I use Outlook 2000 for e-mails and Outlook 98 for newsgroups. And I have not received a single e-mail from Microsoft. Maybe I’m just lucky. (As I am one of the “special” people as mentioned by Worminc, I use the Auto Update feature at least once a month


Microsoft has got the right to check your serial-number because you’re accessing a service related to a product - the Windows-Update function - so they are allowed to check the installed system (including the serial number)


No one want’s to spend money for the silly windows operating system. i’m not going to buy a original window. First it costs too much and after all is not working properly.
I really prefer linux but i can’t play with it.
I think that most of you out there will get linux when it will support every windows program and at that time i suppose that none else will need the fucç°§çç!! autoupdate service.


I have often updated my Original Windoze, and never got an E-mail from Microsoft, coincendence Maybe, Maybe Not.
By the way try typing, then u will end at
Linux Rulez

Navigare necesse est, Vivere non est necesse


I say let them scan. It just leads them right back to the proxy I used to get there. You can still remain annonymouse on the web, Even from Micro$oft.


What a grab about auto update from MS.
Even at the company I work we use 1 registration code for 40 pc (YES we DO have official licences but use only 1).
We never ever got a problem with auto update.

Some people LOVE to make a hassle about nothing…een storm in een glaasje water…has we say in Holland. ( a storm in a glass of water).





About ICQ:

If you have installed software that’s been illegally obtained, you will be caught!

It’s recently come to the attention of ICQ users that Mirabilis are obtaining application specific data from users system registries.

The registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mirabilis\ICQ\DefaultPrefs\Auto Update has been built in to Mirabilis’ ICQ client since its first release.

The original intention of this registry key was to enable automatic ICQ version updates without the user needing to download the latest version of the client. Although this was the original intention by Mirabilis, since the takeover by AOL this feature has been put to bad use.

It has allowed the Mirabilis server to modify your ICQ client and send it commands when connecting to their servers. It’s been seen to instruct PC’s to send various components of the system registry to the ICQ servers periodically. This allows Mirabilis to see what software you have installed on your computer, serial numbers used, your name, your company and in some instances even your home address!

The information is being obtained. This could be sold to large software vendors such as Microsoft who trying to combat software globally. If they have no intention of selling this information taken from your computer without your knowing, why are they doing it?

Should You Be Worried?

Unless you have pirate software on your computer, you have no cause for alarm.

If you have pirate software installed on your computer be sure that Windows is registered to a fake name. If this is not the case, follow the instructions below to disable this automatic updating feature installed by Mirabilis.

How Can I Prevent Mirabilis From Doing This?

The following instructions are intended only for those confident in modifying the Windows registry using Registry Editor! (regedit.exe)

Step One
In registry editor find the key:

Step Two
Change the value of Auto Update to “No”

Should Mirabilis decide to put this feature to use by updating your client automatically
you will still need to download it manually.

Macintosh and Java versions of the ICQ client are not affected!!!


Wow! If this is true what you are saying… thanx!


I wonder if since I installed BlackICE by fosi if that’s why my pc won’t connect to ICQ. Hmmm…I first thought it might be because it makes all ports seem invincible, now it could be this crap. I’ll go home and change the registry tonight! Thanks.


No Superfly, it’s BlackIce. This program won’t let you connect to the ICQ-server. BlackIce has several safety settings, and on the lowest setting you do can connect to the ICQ-server. (you could also try Atguard. This prog will let you choose whether the connection is allowed, or must be blocked!)



Thanks Overspeed, I adjusted the security level and it connected, now I may just have to get AtGuard.