Microsoft says fix for FairUse4WM is coming

Ok we knew it was just a matter of time! At the Reg, they spotted a BBC report that details the fact that Redmond has spotted FairUse4WM on the radar and they are going to bring it down.

Here is the snippage from the report:

Microsoft licences its DRM technology to online stores, such as Napster, who use it as a means to restrict the use of music purchased online so as to ensure copyright is not infringed. Marcus Matthias, senior product manager, Windows Client Division, told the BBC: “Microsoft is aware that a tool recently surfaced that circumvents Windows Media Digital Rights Management technology. Fortunately, the Windows Media DRM system has built-in renewability, we have an update to address the circumvention, and are working with our partners to deploy this solution,” he added.

Well, I’m no Hax0R, but it seems to me it is going to be tough to stop this program from stripping the DRM out of these lossy files! What do you all think? Can Microsoft plug this hole? :eek:

So in other words, they are going to force updates into peoples computers. Thats lovely. Back up your music now folks, before Uncle Bill shoves a few more billions of your money into his pocket. Im being sure to copy my whole library. @#%!% Microsoft. Of course, theres always going back to the considerably slower method, Tunebite. Damn you Microsoft, damn you!

Fortunately though, there are people standing up for FairUse, for good reason too…

They make a great point. More people sign up with Napster and use FairUse because it is easier, and they feel like theyre doing it legally. If Microsoft takes FairUse away, then people will just use P2P. So, by FairUse, they are actually advantaged. More and more people are signing up for services like Napster because of the P2P scares with the RIAA, but I highly doubt the RIAA can scare people much more. All in all, Napster still gets their subscription money and all, people still have to pay the 99 cents to buy “Buy Only” songs, and FairUse just makes things easier for the consumer.

You know I was thinking this might require some sort of update to peoples computers as well. I don’t think the DRM can be “fixed” I don’t know though, again, I am not a programmer. But, the way the program FairUse4WM goes about defeating the DRM, at least from what I am reading about it on the net, it’s going to be hard to stop it! I find this most interesting indeed.

From what I understand, MS has Media Player configured to receive updates automatically. As soon as someone opens up WMP, they are stuck either updating or not being able to play their music. Dirty communistic Microsoft. Wonder how long it will be until they make it illegal to record televised movies and TV shows on VCR, DVD, and DVR because they want to be A-holes?