Microsoft’s new Spartan browser disappoints in first preview



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A Russian blogger has posted a preview of Microsoft’s new Spartan browser. The preview talks about an undisclosed version of Spartan and it’s unclear how it was obtained.

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Windows 10 is looking flatter, uglier and more lifeless with every passing day. A shame that like they did with Win 8, Microsoft could really screw up Windows 10’s UI so almost everybody hates it.


> “… meaning both browsers will support all the latest web technologies.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. While support is getting better, the Edge engine is still a ways from implementing many of the existing (already standardized) web technologies (in addition to the various “still being standardized” technologies). Checkout and Microsoft’s own to see what is supported and what is not (as good as Spartan is getting, it still lacks a lot. Luckily, because Spartan will be an “evergreen” browser it means it can progress much faster and we don’t have to wait for long release cycles to get updates that will enable more web technologies in Edge)