Microsoft rolls out new Xbox 360 anti-piracy measures

I just posted the article Microsoft rolls out new Xbox 360 anti-piracy measures.

Microsoft released a new Xbox 360 update as the console maker continues to look for new ways to combat piracy. The new Xbox Live Dashboard also includes the AP 2.5 anti-piracy checker aimed at preventing pirated game play while redflagging some accounts for future bans.

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basically for those who want to play backups of Fable 3 DO NOT want to update to the newest dashboard that came out Nov 1st 2010.

if your on the older v9199 dashboard you can play a backup copy of Fable 3 without your system getting flagged etc.

if your running the newest dashboard your pretty much screwed until the higher ups figure out a work around which will probably be new firmware for the 360’s although i got a Samsung drive myself and supposedly from what c4eva (the guy who makes the modified firmware) said, Samsung drives don’t do AP2.5 checks.

but basically from what i been reading your ORIGINAL game disc of Fable3 will still work with newest dashboard (the one that came out Nov 1st 2010) on LT firmware. but backup copies will not.

p.s. , … just some info about AP2.5, SSv3 etc.

me personally i am going to stay on v9199 dashboard for as long as i can. at least until all this AP2.5 BS is sorted out fully.