Microsoft reveals Windows 10 S - inspired by teachers and students

Microsoft has added a new member to its Windows 10 family, Windows 10 S. This version of Windows 10 is mainly targeted at teachers and students. Windows 10 S works on all kinds of Windows 10 PCs from powerful machines to simple laptops that can be used in classrooms. The OS should be a competitor to Google’s Chromebooks.

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There lies the real reason Microsoft made this version of Windows. They don’t care about teachers or students. The only thing they care about is forcing users to use their crappy store. For not, it’s only certain versions of Windows that won’t let you use non-store software. However, as those versions get more popular, Microsoft will start feeling more comfortable in deprecating non-store apps completely.[quote=“system, post:1, topic:398334”]
Microsoft also claims that Windows 10 S starts faster than Windows 10 Pro because it loads less software. This allows students to login faster and teachers can therefore start faster with their lessons.

Teachers can also prepare USB sticks with a predefined configuration of classroom computers. The USB stick only needs 30 seconds on a Windows 10 S PC to configure it in the way the teacher defined it.
The same can be said of GNU/Linux distros. I’ve gotten used to fixing computer issues (on both GNU/Linux machines and Windows machines) using bootable GNU/Linux flash drives, which I could customize myself (I’ve done so in the past).

Also, Windows comes with a lot more code than seems necessary to me. GNU/Linux systems tend to be able to do the same things as Windows, while using less RAM, CPU, and disk space than Windows. In fact, Windows tends to spend 2-3 minutes looking for a driver everytime you insert a new flash drive. Now, when I say “2-3 minutes”, that’s assuming it’s NOT checking Windows Update for drivers, which could take as long as 10 minutes. On the other hand, GNU/Linux systems can select a driver and mount the file system instantly.