Microsoft reveals media XP details

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If you are watching DVD movies on your PC you might find it convinient to have a remote control to use the usual functions, like forward, rewind, pause play and stop, but most home users lack such…

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Is this really a new Windows OS or is it like the “Plus!” packs?

install Girder (freeware i believe) and connect any kind of infrared reciever to your pc, and there you go, using tv remote or vcr remote and you manage your progs from your bed/seat/… =) using creative reciever and control i had with my dvd drive here, works with tv remote as well :slight_smile: lovely to launch frquently used progs and to give all buttons functions per-program you have to pay for it, but it is a great program

It’s a funny thing when Microsoft adds the word ‘free’ to any of its products… ehehe LOL :4

i found this as well its a IR remote receiver and girder for like less than $15-£20 i got one its sweet for DVD’s and winamp!