Microsoft Restricts Free Speech

I just posted the article Microsoft Restricts Free Speech.

With it’s newest Forntpage version 2002 it restricts you to make webpages that harms or criticises Microsoft or it’s services.

Here is a part of the EULA that prohibit ANY Anti Microsoft…

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Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev rulez! Who cares about the shitty FP? :r

Who even reads the EULAs anyway :9

Ohhh what are they going to do, make my computer crash ? LoLz :d FP is good but Dreamweaver is the best, there is, the best the was and the best there ever will be there ! :wink:

lol :slight_smile: using a microsoft product to make a webpage saying microsoft sucks - anyone who does that deserves whatever gets thrown at them!

I use better software than FP:r … Dreamweaver is real webdesign software!!!