Microsoft Research reveals phone charging system using light beams



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft Research reveals phone charging system using light beams[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft Research has developed an idea to charge smartphones wirelessly from the ceiling.

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Sounds horribly energy inefficient.

Ever wondered why there are still no laser weapons to shoot down aircraft & missiles? Any honest physicist would have laughed when Ronald Regan announced his ‘Star Wars’ plan.


Wonderful! If you happen to be one of those freaks that has to update their facebook page every 3 minutes and can’t bear to have their phones out of sight for more than 15 seconds. For those of us that keep our phones out of the way and in our pocket (where they bloody well should be)?


One idea I would like to see is Smartphone charging based on cordless phones, i.e. a simple phone holder you drop your phone into, where terminal contacts at the bottom provide power without the inefficiency of wireless power/coupling. Some sort of standardisation could be used to cater for various phone widths so the one base can handle any phone with charging pins.

In this case you can simply get a few bases for the kitchen counter, living room coffee table and bedside locker and just get in the habit of dropping the phone in its holder instead of laying on the table.


it’s a whole lot more accepted to bring a cellphone charger with you and plug in on someone else’s dime… the amount of power isn’t really that much for a charge.

on the other hand… can’t wait until plug-in electric vehicles become mainstream… then people will be padlocking electric outlets! 8 hours at 15 amps could save you $20 in fuel costs (if someone else gets stuck with the electric bill).


Ibex still no laser weapons? Have you not seen this: